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Boy Scouts and Venturing Cub Scouts
2nd Tuesday of every month 2nd Thursday of every month

For more detailed information about Cub Scout Roundtable, click on this link

Boy Scouts ..... Phil Lipoma at or (972) 392-0260

Venturing ..... Jim Ince at or (972) 231-4343

Cub Scouts ..... John Hayes at or (972) 489-6764

Cub Scouts ..... Ed McGory at or (972) 644-6715

September 2002
International Scouting
October 2002
High Adventure Alternatives
November 2002
Eagle Projects and Courts of Honor
December 2002
Teaching Scouts with Learning Differences --- This month meeting at the Shelton School, northeast corner of Arapaho and Hillcrest Strike Up The Band
January 2003
Order of the Arrow Uncle Sam Depends on You
February 2003
Boards of Review, Spirit and Leadership Advancement Requirements Why Does It Do That?
March 2003
The (Cast) Iron Chef Land of the Pharaohs
April 2003
5th Annual Chairmans' Cup --- This month meeting at Cottonwood Park
May 2003
CPR and First Aid --- What You Need